Procrastinator Extraordinaire!

Well, I wake up with a bunch of thoughts flitting through my mind. It’s blog post time after a long while!

But first, let me quickly visit the Sports section of the Dailymail and read the arguments that erupt as a result of some content that’s clearly fabricated or put in to polarise the readers. What about those transfer rumors? Gotta check Twitter where well known reporters, and their impersonators post their exclusives. Not to forget all those cutting edge ‘analysis’ by experts in their Youtube videos and blogs dissecting every tactic and event that transpired at the just concluded World Cup. Moreover, highlights galore! Bliss.

Oh wait – BBC Radio just published this month’s Top 40 Singles Chart – I’ll get back after listening to ’em. BRB.

Back now. I’ve never heard of most of these singers! More of an indictment of my lack of knowledge in these aspects, but who cares, really?

It’s time to write this post. All set to vent. One legendary post, all set to be typed. Legendary? Barney Stinson uses the word, ‘legendary’ a lot. I hated the HIMYM finale, and well, most of the last four seasons for ruining the legacy of the initial seasons. Those were awesome. How about watching an episode, from the first season for ole times’ sake? Let’s grab some chips and watch.

A solid TWO hours later, several episodes of HIMYM, the Wire and some analysis of Game of Thrones for good measure (I watch TV at 1.5x speed, bizarre as that may sound!), I’m disgusted with myself! Half a day done for, and nothing to show for it! It’s a good thing I’m on vacation at least. Although you can be sure that this will continue throughout the academic season too.

I berate myself throughout lunchtime, (whilst watching the news) comparing my lazy self with achievers of my own age.

Gotta teach the kid bro now, this’ll take some time. After a while of being at my wit’s end I realize it’s time to unwind. I call a couple of pals and head off for our customary game of pool. A lot of banter and laughter later, it’s time to come home for dinner.

Poking fun at my dad’s political beliefs is not to be forgotten. More to get a rise out of him than me actually caring much. Listening to mum’s boring work stories results in me excusing myself to play some FIFA Career Mode. I have unearthed some top young talent and watching them reach the top of the (virtual) footballing world is satisfying business indeed. Many an hour spent. Yawn.

Oh, hold on! The blog post! It was supposed to be done this morning!

Meh, screw it. I’m going to bed.



  1. Oh procrastination, you heartless wench you.
    You know what would be awesome – if you did a time diary of your procrastinations.
    For example:
    8:58pm – Luxurious dinner of beans on toast. Plenty of time to sort life out.
    12:34am – Why am I not asleep yet, I am such a moron.

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