We’ve all been there. Those moments when you’re frazzled, absolutely dead on your feet and basically dragging yourself to your door after a long hard day/week of work. I still remember how miserable my last set of exams at the undergrad level were, knowing that the end, and freedom was nigh, but still having to absolutely work my rear end off to achieve good grades.

I recall reminding myself throughout the exam week, about the incentives that waited afterward. Getting a degree, going back home etc were on top of the list.

An individual with a virtually bloodless face, wrought brain, and dark circles under his eyes, me is seen staggering to his bed, fully clothed and falls asleep immediately. Incredibly, the actual time spent sleeping is barely an hour, just in time for me to catch lunch and curl up with a book (Jeffrey Archer’s The Eleventh Commandment),  while waiting for my friends, who have exams in the afternoon to be done at last.

Our customary game of pool is on the agenda, with the conversation not straying away from frequent lambasting of  certain professors for their insanely difficult questions, and their inexplicable grading systems. They are soon forgotten, as we proceed to eat to our hearts’ content at a buffet – something I’ve been looking to all week! In fact dragging myself out of the restaurant may have been harder. That’s when one of my more health – conscious friends decides that we ought to burn some calories walking down the shore at our college’s private beach. So we meander away, without a care in the world, listening to a few recent chart toppers.

View at Sunset. Stunning! 😀

Sauntering back to our flats, (all the while shaking sand out of our pockets!) we embark upon a few games of poker…where my lazy self decides to go all in prematurely in almost every round – partly to end what increasingly looks like a lost cause. I’m no good at poker, you see. And finally, after brewing a mug of hot chocolate, I curl under the sheets, and watch Game of Thrones (yes, this was a while ago now) until my eyes can no longer remain open. All is well.

Until next time, that is.


  1. I like your writing style. It’s vivid enough that I can transport myself to walk alongside you throughout your day. Also because I remember the dog days of uni and the glorious freedom that accompanied it. 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind comment. Having only just graduated, some of the more testing circumstances are fresh in my mind. Not that I’m complaining, it must be said.

      PS, your pursuit of the perfect Eggs Benedict is extremely riveting. 😀

  2. This is too familiar, and makes me worried a little too early – it’s still the beginning of August!

    On the other hand, I liked your writing style a lot.
    I enjoy the transitions between the different perspectives – from the general to the personal.
    The tone is informal but just perfectly elegant and artistic.

    Going back to the story, these are some of the sweetest tirednesses, aren’t they?
    When you know there is an end, and in the end all is well.


    • Hi! Thank you for your take on my writing style. I was afraid it may have been a wee bit threadbare.

      “Perfectly elegant and artistic”? I’m speechless!

      I can understand you being worried, I’m a good ole do-it-at-the-last-minute’er and despite my fervent resolutions to the contrary – it always ends up like this. Are you in grad school too?


      • You’re very welcome!

        I can’t remember how many times I set my mind on not leaving things at the last minute. But I’m just too convincing, when I talk myself out of it.

        I’m in college, and although it may seem incomparable to you, this is the hardest it has gotten for me 🙂


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