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My opinion regarding today’s Daily Prompt is an absolute no brainer – I’d rather be a famous author whose books sell by the millions today, than have my name mentioned in passing by some bored  student of literature decades from now.

Don’t all bloggers, or at least most of them harbour a secret craving for fame in different ways – perhaps eventually penning your own novel, perhaps creating a famed gallery of art, or writing editorials for a renowned newspaper? I don’t think there’s anyone who’d want barely anyone to appreciate his work. Perhaps I’m just superficial, who knows.

The Prompt is framed in such a way, probably inadvertently that selling out to the mainstream is something disappointing, seeing as there may be a requirement for pandering to the so called Lowest Common Denominator of people. Well, when you see books like Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight flying off the shelves, you tend to look up to the sky and articulate your frustration. But for every such dud, we have epics like Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, books by Stephen King, Jeffrey Archer, Agatha Christie and so much more. Now who would rather that these books never come to light?

PS, having cursed quite a few obscure writers for their confusing poetry which I’ve had to study and analyse, I may be heavily biased!


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