Entourage – Douches Inc.

I remember this huge fad during my second year of undergrad studies. People left and right were binge – watching HBO’s Entourage, in droves. Phrases like “funniest show evva!” and “best damn series, period!” abounded. So I followed suit – hey, if everyone liked it, this ought to be good. I’d be on the bandwagon soon enough.

Boy, was I wrong.

The presentation was sleek, the conversation a bit crude – but not a big deal. A reasonable insight into the life of a famous actor was seen, with cameos from quite a few stars.

However, what I couldn’t tolerate was the show’s blatant mocking of the layman, so to speak. We get it, the title character is a rich man and can afford expensive stuff. Do I have to be reminded of that in every scene? How many cars did we see throughout the show? What about the sheer lack of decency of all characters, bar E?

And the racism, good grief. And the sexism. And the homophobia. Ari Gold, you obnoxious dbag – just shut up! At least the acting of Jeremy Piven was better than that of the others, not that it’s saying much,

Vince was one boring character – all said and done. Do famous Hollywood actors whine all day? And as for the random cameos by famous people – why? That rarely added much – more of an device to fill out episode time.

Perhaps, the irony in the show was intended to be the funny aspect. Turtle making fun of fat people – c’mon! And why was Drama in this show at all?

On recalling some of this stuff – I’m beginning to think that peer pressure played a big role in this show becoming popular among my friends! Nonetheless, the show ran for eight seasons and was enjoyed by many. So perhaps it is I who missed the boat on this one as far as enjoying it was concerned. I don’t mind, though.

Don’t you feel like punching these fellows?


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