I blog because…

This is one of those existential questions I’ve never been able to legitimately answer with certainty. As a kid, I was one of those fellows who used to rush off to Microsoft Word and type something rather than play a game. (This was before I discovered the FIFA series of course!) I guess I just wanted my name out there at some point. As a result, I used to go ahead and just type for the heck of it, not worrying about content.

As it turns out, little has changed, several years later! đŸ˜€

However, after finally doing a bit of brainstorming – I’ve managed to create a list of reasons which has lured me to WordPress.

  1. Getting feedback, which is more often than not positive from people all over the globe. I’ve never met these ladies and gentlemen but it’s hard not to have that bubble of positivity growing when you read those words of appreciation. Oh, and if someone feels I’ve penned something good enough to be shared to their own network, wow indeed! I’m not sure how else I can get in contact with people from places as varied as Argentina or China or Iran and so on.
  2. I guess that over time, a blog serves as a journal of sorts. I’ve obviously not been blogging that long yet, but I’ve got friends and relatives who do so. It’s amazing how well their writing and presentation skills improve over time. An unintended yet positive effect of blogging, there we go!
  3. I assume that a blogger who regularly sticks to a well defined schedule is certain to be well organised in other things he/she does as well. I dunno đŸ˜¦
  4. It tempers your writing, so to speak. I will obviously be unable to just go ahead and post an unedited rambling mess of thoughts as that would reflect badly on my intellect and would definitely discourage readers from coming back to my little space in the blogosphere.
  5. To attract a loyal group of readers, one would have to furnish something new regularly. This would involve a lot of associated reading on a variety of topics, which enables the blogger to be well informed regarding prevailing issues worldwide.

Thanks for reading!


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