Reasons Why We Are Not Friends

I’m not really sure how this trend came about, but I’ve been keeping an eye out on it for a while now. As with anything that goes viral, we have some wisecracks cast out there, interspersed with some emotional expressions of teen angst, all within 140 characters.

Here are some of my favorite ones. I’ve tried to eliminate the crudity, so to speak.

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?


That would be directly contributing to the decay of civilisation, wouldn’t it?

I’ve heard this before in a different context – still applies though!

Yeah! Once is alright, twice – hmm. Three strikes and you’re out pal. Not running a charity here. Why d’you think Alan Harper from the show Two and a Half Men was shunned by everyone, his son included?

Some of my pet peeves:

  1. You forget where you come from, in order to fit in. This is my biggest pet peeve. It is acceptable to embrace the local culture, it’s annoying that you have the local accent before you stepped off the plane!
  2. You agree with the Daily Mail’s views on well, anything! Along with Piers Morgan, Katie Hopkins and all those people who seemingly live to incite people.
  3. You blindly follow the latest fad – without questioning anything. We aren’t sheep, fellas!
  4. Hashtags on the wrong platforms. Keep your social media speak to social media!

Until next time.



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