If I won Powerball

With the Powerball lottery winnings swelling to $1.5 billion, this question has popped up on Twitter. It raises the question – what does one do with so much money, in the off-chance that he/she does actually win it? (I use the term off-chance very loosely as the odds have been calculated to be 1 in 292.2 million. Sigh.)

I’ve summarised some of the ideas running around in my head, because after all, a fella can dream, right?

First up, I’d wipe out any debt that my parents may have. I’ve been lucky in a way that due to the cultural norms in which I’ve grown (in which parents continue to pay for their children even after the age of 18), I’ve been able to graduate with no debt whatsoever, thus enabling me to start life after academia without the mounting pressure of student loans. However, this would have understandably put a strain on their finances.

A portion would be donated to charity – without a shadow of a doubt. I strongly believe that one good turn deserves another. Having volunteered for organisations that seek to provide social services, I’ve seen how difficult it is to scrape
enough for the required activity. An entity with good intentions deserves better.

I’d probably take a year off to travel around the world – see everything that I certainly can’t now!

I’d get my dad a Rolex. I’m not sure if he could have afforded it – but he prioritised the family’s requirements for obvious reasons! Similarly, my mum would get something awesome too, as will my brother and relatives. Not to forget treating my friends all over!

I’d employ a personal trainer to whip me into shape. (Of course I could do it myself even without winning a lottery, but meh!)

Lastly, I’d get myself a Tesla and real estate in Manhattan, London and Dubai. And my own sports team. That escalated quickly, I think!

And of course, save the rest for a rainy day and get back to work. I’m too weak – willed to quit my job.

Perhaps the above list could be considered to be a bit tame, so I took to Twitter to find some wild and/or amusing ones. The following are some of my favourites.


Sneaky. And should prove to be effective in dealing with any “long lost” acquaintances!

Best damn thing I’ve ever read, and not just on social media. šŸ˜›


Ignore everything I’ve written. I need to get that cub some toys!

Who among us didn’t shed a tear when that happened? Of course, messing with the past could have untold consequences, one of which would be me probably not actually buying the lotto numbers, creating a time-travel paradox. Ugh.

Until next time!





  1. Undoubtedly the first thing I’d do is get like… $100,000 in 20 dollar bills and make it rain and roll around in it. And then yes – all the good stuff after that. Debt, houses, etc, etc.
    Now that I think about it – the VERY first thing I’d do is call my boss at 3 in the morning and be all like “F*$& you I quit!”

  2. Oops let me try this again. We’d pay off our debts, student loans, our house, and stuff to remodel the house. Also we would buy a house for my husband’s parents because they’ve rented all their lives.

    Anyways I sure did like that first tweet!

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