One Shot Takes

Why is this page called so? Well, I tend to be one of those guys who occasionally gets spurts of creativity and pens something down in a single go. It could be due to a prompt, something bizarre that just turned up in the news, and so on. Some of these posts are as follows in reverse chronological order, and for those eagle-eyed F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans, you’ll notice a very familiar pattern in the links below.

The one where I wonder why I blog.

The one where non-fiction is preferred to fiction.

The one where the back-to-school feelings are recalled.

The one where I read too much into a compliment.

The one where fame today is preferred to posthumous respect.

The one where bizarre sounding words are brought up.

The one where unwinding after a gruelling day is all that matters.

The one where a lazy procrastinator wastes an entire day.

The one where a Chelsea fan wonders why everyone hates his club.

The one where the powers of the Misfits are pondered about.

The one where it all began.